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In order to always improve ourselves as breeders, we have chosen to enroll in a process of continuous training.

Here is the list of training I have attended:


-Not always such a good time: tips and tricks to optimize breeding in cats, webinar given by Royal Canin

-Management of a cattery in Quebec, training given by the CCC


-From mating to weaning, training given by the CCC


-At the cat show: practical breeder's guide to infectious diseases, webinar given by Royal Canin


-New kitten owner: the 10 tips that the feline breeder must give, webinar given by Royal Canin

- Food tips and tricks in feline breeding, webinar given by Royal Canin

-Infectious and parasitic diseases, training given by the CCC

-T.Fetus: 10 things cat breeders need to know in 2017, webinar given by Royal Canin 

- Whelping at the Cat: do's and don'ts, webinar given by Royal Canin 

-10 Truths About Feline Nutrition...and What They Mean, webinar given by Royal Canin 

-First Aid for Pets, training given by Ambulance St-Jean

- Feline reproduction 2, training given by Dr Angélika Stock

- Cat genetics 2, training given by Dr W. Silversides

-Chatcadémie Master- Non-litter needs, training data by Daniel Filion (Educator)

-Feline training 1: Main respiratory diseases, given by Josee Charlebois (Feline services plus)

-Chatcadémie Master- Breeders, training given by Daniel Filion (Educator)

We are a proudly certified Anima-Québec breeding (since 2017)

What is Anima Quebec's Quality Certification?

Anima Quebec's Breeding Site Certification Program:

  • Attests the quality of the breeding places that are certified

  • Guarantees the well-being of the animals kept in these breeding places

  • Promotes breeding grounds for their facilities and animal care

  • Enables future owners to make an informed and ethical choice when acquiring a pet.

Source:  Anima Quebec


Logo d'Anima-Québec. Élevage Les Bengalous est fièrement certifié Anima-Québec
Logo de l'UEFQ - Union des éleveurs félins du Québec. Les Bengalous

Member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Cat Breeders of Quebec

  • To gain recognition for responsible breeding by demonstrating that it is a serious and necessary activity that requires knowledge, responsibilities and legal obligations.

  • Participate in public education regarding the responsible adoption of a registered cat, based on the characteristics specific to each breed, on behavioral aspects, on health issues and on the aesthetic criteria established by recognized associations .

  • Adhere to a rigorous code of ethics in order to promote animal welfare, as well as the health and sustainability of breeds with the greatest concern for quality.

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